Thursday, November 16, 2006

Crib Bumper Pads

When you bring your baby home from the hospital, you are overwhelmed with trying to keep her safe and sound, and not allowing any harm to come to her. There are so many things to worry about, from choking to fevers to wondering if she is eating enough. The most terrifying thing that a new parent can face is the condition known as SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. SIDS is classified as a sudden death that occurs because of no other known cause, and is often linked to the baby forgetting to breathe or being unable to breathe.

There are several things that we are told that can reduce the risk of SIDS. The main point being to have your baby sleep on her back, with the idea that the baby will sleep less deeply and be more conscious of breathing. Other suggestions include not putting any loose blankets or stuffed animals in the crib to avoid suffocation. One of the more controversial suggestions is to remove crib bumper pads, because they are thought to possibly reduce the airflow in the crib, there fore leading to more carbon monoxide, as well as posing a suffocation risk.

Crib bumper pads come as part of just about every bedding package, and are very useful for those babies that move around while sleeping. Instead of getting limbs stuck through the crib rails, crib bumper pads are used to prevent this. There have not been any true conclusive studies that prove that air circulation is decreased while using crib bumper pads, but if your child does move quite a bit it causes somewhat of a double edged sword. While they protect your child from getting stuck, they also pose a risk of suffocation by getting too close.

For these situations, the safest solution is to get breathable mesh crib bumper pads. These pads do not necessarily match crib bedding and are not the cutest things out there, but if you are concerned about safety and protecting your child from getting stuck in the crib rails, this is an excellent option. These allow air to flow and circulate, so even if your child’s face ends up pressed against the crib bumper pads, they are still able to breathe. Again, there is no true conclusive evidence that regular crib bumper pads are that much of a danger, but if you are at all concerned breathable pads are a wonderful alternative.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

What is Keratoconus

When Keratoconus appears its often in the teens or early twenties , is progressive disease in which the normally round cornea thins and begins to bulge into a cone-like shape . Then the cone shape deflects light as it enters the eye on its way to the light-sensitive retina, causing distorted vision. Keratoconus can occur in one or both eyes. In a mild form of keratoconus, soft contact lenses may help. But as (Keratoconus) progresses and the cornea thins and changes shape even more, glasses or soft contacts will no longer correct your vision.

People have said I have never heard of this and well as much as that does not surprise me , I thought I would point out the amount of searchs last month on the interent according to Overture .
This points out that this is a growing area of concern and health orgs need to become more active in support for those that find themself in a battle with Keratoconus.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ask A Legal Question

Have you ever had to grapple with a legal matter? Maybe you were in a car accident and needed advice about whose fault it really was. Or, maybe you had a query regarding the custody of your children. Regardless of what it concerned, most of us wish to ask a legal question at some point in our adult lives. There are just so many laws now days. We always have to be sure we stay within the parameters of them all. If we fail to do so, it could mean fees, community service, or even jail time. That is the last thing we want. Fortunately it is simple to ask a legal question in this day and age. Do you have access to a computer? Are you jacked into the web? If you answered yes to these two questions, then you can attain legal advice any time you wish.
There was a time when I wanted to ask a legal question? it was when I moved into a new state. I wanted to know the knife laws. This basically concerns what you can and cannot carry. Each state enforces its own laws, rules, and regulations concerning weapons and which ones you're able to carry on your person in public. Since I am a knife nut, who carries one at all times, I needed to ask a legal question and find out the size issues. You know, like blade length, conceal-ability, fixed blade or folder. These are important issues to check into before following through without a clue. Toting around a concealed weapon or one that does not meet the state law requirements can end horribly if you're not careful. I'm talking about jail time here. Besides, do you really want to end up as one of those losers on that show "Cops?" They may get you on tape and air it.
Do you need to ask a legal question? Hey, this is simple. Hop on your personal computer now. Get the scoop on any legal matter you wish. It is always better to be safe than sorry. You can ask a legal question regarding your threatening ex-husband, or one that pertains to your rude co-worker, who always has a crude gesture for you. It's time to get in the know about how the law works. Hop on the web and ask a legal question now.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Blood Pressure Monitor

A blood pressure monitor is a good thing to have on hand, especially if you know that you suffer from high blood pressure, or have a family history of heart disease. Because blood pressure is an excellent indication of how your heart is performing, and how much stress it might be under, your blood pressure is a vital piece of information in determining your overall health. Indeed, along with your heart rate, your blood pressure numbers are often referred to as your ‘vitals’. One of the first things most doctors or nurses will do when they see you in a treatment environment is to measure your vitals with a blood pressure monitor.
I worked at a residential drug and alcohol treatment center for over a year, and during my time there I became very familiar with the use of blood pressure monitors. The old school and more traditional blood pressure monitors that you usually see your doctor use are called sphygmomanometers. This is the typical cuff thing that they Velcro onto your arm, and then pump up by hand. It has a pressure gauge attached, and requires careful watching to accurately determine your blood pressure. These traditional blood pressure monitors are usually used in conjunction with a stethoscope to give a reading of your heart rate as well. That means taking vitals the old school way is a very active process and requires some amount of training.
Fortunately, there are newer and easier to use blood pressure monitors available today. Today you can purchase electronic sphygmomanometers that are programmed to basically do everything for you. All you need to learn how to do is properly attach the cuff to the subject’s arm, which is easier than tying your shoes. Then with the push of a button, the blood pressure machine does the rest. It even records your heart rate, and displays it along with your blood pressure in a little LCD display. All you have to do is wait for it to finish.
Needless to say, these automatic blood pressure monitors made my life a lot easier when I was working at the treatment center. Anyone that works in a medical environment that doesn’t have the training nurses and doctors have gotten in the use of a regular sphygmomanometer will certainly appreciate having an automatic blood pressure monitor on hand.
Since my time at the treatment center, I have purchased my own electronic blood pressure monitor. It’s a nice tool to have on hand to accurately gauge any stress your heart may be under if you think you may be having heart trouble.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Canadian Pharmacies

Canadian Pharmacies With the rising costs associated with health care and prescription drugs, people are looking to alternative sources for medications, including those purchased over the counter. Many are looking at Canadian pharmacies to purchase their medications online and have them mailed directly to their homes at a lesser cost. People that have no prescription drug coverage or who can’t even afford the expensive co-pays, like senior citizens, look to Canadian pharmacies to get the medications they need. As we all know, many chronic diseases require treatment with prescription medications that must be taken on a regular basis. If we can’t afford to pay for these medications, our health suffers, which can lead to more appointments with health care providers, more tests, and more emergency room visits. All this because people can’t afford to get the medications they need to treat their health conditions. Prescription drugs and over the counter medications can both be quite costly, as well as other supplies needed to treat various medical conditions, all of which can be purchased through Canadian pharmacies. Take a number of health conditions for example, like asthma, diabetes, or heart disease. Many of these people don’t have health insurance and therefore cannot get their medications at affordable prices. Many of their prescription medications are too expensive without insurance, and they may not qualify for any type of prescription assistance program, so what do they do. People in this situation do one of two things; either they pay the expensive costs of their medicines, or not pay other bills to pay for their medicines. This is not a good place to find yourself. Canadian pharmacies could just be the answer for these people. So which Canadian pharmacy should you trust to get your medications and supplies to you quickly and easily? There are a number of Canadian pharmacies to choose from, and most of them are highly reputable and have just about anything you would need. Be sure to shop around and compare prices. There is quite a difference in prices from one Canadian pharmacy to the other, and you surely don’t want to pay any more than you have to. Canadian pharmacies like have a very user friendly site layout, which makes it easy to find your medications and order online. For a directory of Canadian pharmacies as well as answers to any questions you may have, visit to get started.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Autism Research

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in 166 children is diagnosed as being autistic. That is a surprisingly high rate for most of us who haven’t been exposed to the statistics or someone affected by the condition. Autism research is in trouble because of this. The lack of public information means that research funds are diverted to other more prominent causes such as heart disease and cancer. Although these are important as well, there are so many affected by autism that it is also a worthwhile cause. Many parents of autistic children complain that there isn’t enough autism research being done at this point in time, despite the high numbers of children affected by the condition. Mr. Wright of Autism Speaks says that just 2/3 of 1% of the National Health Budget is being put toward autism research. That tiny percentage is coming out of a $30 million budget. And it just isn’t enough, according to those affected by autism. The Autism Speaks foundation is attempting to raise funds for research that many individuals hope will provide an eventual cure for the disease. Autism research may eventually be able to provide a cure that could not only release their children from their trapped worlds, but change entire families. Trying to determine the cause of the disease is one of the most important factors that is being handled in the area of autism research at this time. Once they have a cause, a cure is close behind. Some studies have suggested that there is a connection between mercury exposure and autism, although not all researchers believe this is the case. Autism research is focusing in part on environmental factors, but without adequate funding, they are a long ways from finding out exactly what is the actual cause. Studying high-functioning toddlers with autism is one area that some autism research projects have been focusing on. These children are given non-verbal tests (since they are too young to speak well) involving computers. These tests are given to very small children, 18 months to 2 years to gauge their ability to assimilate information and to study exactly how children with autism develop in their formative years. They are also testing children who have autistic siblings. This gives researchers a control group, children raised in the same home with the same stimulus and environmental exposure as their autistic sibling. And, since children with autistic siblings have a higher probability of developing the condition themselves, researchers can watch them develop right from birth, adding a huge amount of information useful to autism research. While many years of concentrated focus have given us tools to help these children, we are still a long way from a cure. Only more autism research and better funding for that research can get us closer to that ultimate goal.