Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ask A Legal Question

Have you ever had to grapple with a legal matter? Maybe you were in a car accident and needed advice about whose fault it really was. Or, maybe you had a query regarding the custody of your children. Regardless of what it concerned, most of us wish to ask a legal question at some point in our adult lives. There are just so many laws now days. We always have to be sure we stay within the parameters of them all. If we fail to do so, it could mean fees, community service, or even jail time. That is the last thing we want. Fortunately it is simple to ask a legal question in this day and age. Do you have access to a computer? Are you jacked into the web? If you answered yes to these two questions, then you can attain legal advice any time you wish.
There was a time when I wanted to ask a legal question? it was when I moved into a new state. I wanted to know the knife laws. This basically concerns what you can and cannot carry. Each state enforces its own laws, rules, and regulations concerning weapons and which ones you're able to carry on your person in public. Since I am a knife nut, who carries one at all times, I needed to ask a legal question and find out the size issues. You know, like blade length, conceal-ability, fixed blade or folder. These are important issues to check into before following through without a clue. Toting around a concealed weapon or one that does not meet the state law requirements can end horribly if you're not careful. I'm talking about jail time here. Besides, do you really want to end up as one of those losers on that show "Cops?" They may get you on tape and air it.
Do you need to ask a legal question? Hey, this is simple. Hop on your personal computer now. Get the scoop on any legal matter you wish. It is always better to be safe than sorry. You can ask a legal question regarding your threatening ex-husband, or one that pertains to your rude co-worker, who always has a crude gesture for you. It's time to get in the know about how the law works. Hop on the web and ask a legal question now.