Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Insect Repellent

One of the most annoying things about spending time outdoors are the insects. You don’t want to have to stay inside so a good alternative is to use insect repellent. You should know right off the bat that not all of them are the same quality. It is worth it to spend more to get something that is really going to work. There is no insect repellent that will work for all of them though. Too many of them have built up an immunity to certain types of chemicals and they aren’t going to stay away.

You should be able to find a good insect repellent that contains high levels of DEET. This is important due to the many reported cases of West Nile from mosquitoes that have been confirmed in recent years. You also need to make sure it is applied every couple of hours when you are outdoors. Even children need to be wearing it. There are some types of sunscreen that also have insect repellent in them as well. You want to look for something waterproof so the sweat from the heat won’t remove it either.

Some people think they should only apply insect repellent when their skin is exposed. This isn’t the case though and many types of insects can bite right though the think layers of summer clothing. To give you the right level of protection you should also spray it on your clothing.

Not all types of insect repellent are for a person to put on though. You can combine many different types in order to have the best chances of getting rid of all of them. There are candles you can place outdoors that look and smell lovely. At the same time though they will be keeping insects away from you.

Some people still use those bug zappers with lights that attract them. This can be handy but they are also very annoying. The bright lights can be distracting and that zap sound each time one is in contact with it will become frustrating rapidly. There are plug in devices you can use if you have an area for it. They give off ultrasonic pulses that will also repel insects.