Saturday, May 23, 2009

Drinking Health

Coming back to alcohol, we see that there are many ill effects of alcoholism. Remember, if your country has legalized something in the country then it becomes your responsibility to utilize it properly and to abuse its usage. Many of you must be aware of the fact that alcohol is really a nuisance for health. It can damage liver, stomach and Central nervous system. When the liver is busy in taking out the toxic material inside alcohol, it is left behind for other important tasks. The result is, it is not able to maintain proper blood glucose levels to the brain. The stomach tends to get upset and it results in heavy vomiting. Heavy drinking can lead to problems like ulcers. The central nervous system is highly affected by the usage of alcohol. It depresses and suppresses the brain functions like balance and breathing. Alcohol tends to speed up processes in brain which make a person feel high. This is not the motive of our drinking health article. The point is how a normal drinker falls into the pit of becoming an alcoholic and completely destroys his drinking health.