Thursday, June 30, 2011

What is An Electronic Cigarette ?

Electronic cigarette cases that are now popular are metal ones which are stylish, handy and quite practical. These cases are available from different manufacturers in different models giving you a wide choice of colors to suit your mode. But also are options with package deals offen put together by the 2 leading suppliers to bulk market. Which is best for future upgrades and new flavour options inculding now even chocolate :)

There is a big number of online companies or websites and companies promoting them online ranging from $80 all the way to $ 500 , as the price varies from company to company depending on Quailty. Another reason can be the partnerships between e-cigarettes the companies for traditional purposes ( i wonder whats going on up there this is not excatly a small market !! ) But there also exist some companies who are not into partnership with tobbaco compains still alot i believe at this stage anyway until they get brought out. Thus they are able to market the benefits with ez knocking traditional tobacco companies and providing savings on that burnt tobbacco cost to the clients.

They are now also being sold in the malls and vapor smoke shop centers. The electronic cigarettes are now sold in booths and stalls ranging from $150 to $ 250. The change in price probably happens due to the rental on the shop which the vendors are required to pay; otherwise there isn’t any big difference between the cigarette kits sold online and the ones which are sold in malls just ofcourse much cheaper online.