Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Dangers On The Internet

We have listed down some internet dangers and how to handle so that you can learn to live with the technology in safer way:

1. Internet pornography
According to demographics:
The cyber sex crime has increased and experts blame the internet for the increase in sex felonies made by young kids. The expert claims that direct exposure to sexual content on the internet can be possible reason for this increase.
Internet pornography is one of the major dangers on the internet. Internet pornography have been labeled as ‘dangerous’ for its possible psychological side effects. Users often get addicted to porn which eventually affects their behavior and general attitude. Teen aged and children who get addicted to pornography have a higher possibility of getting addicted to alcohol and drugs too. Because of its possible dangers, many countries have banned adult content. In U.S internet pornography has not been banned but lawmakers are trying to enforce laws against obscenity. 81% of American people believe that these laws should be vigorously enforced.