Thursday, February 10, 2011

Electric Cigarettes Grand Rapids

Electronic cigarettes Grand Rapids is one of the electronic cigarettes that soar high in the electronic cigarette market these days. Electronic cigarettes Grand Rapids is a high performance level electronic cigarette. It is powered by a lithium ion rechargeable battery.

Electronic cigarettes Grand Rapids has no pungent odor that causes lingering odor, stains on one’s dentures, nails, hands, clothes and surroundings. Above all, you don’t need to kindle and rekindle your cigarette with a lighter or match. This is taxing on the part of the smoker especially on one’s finances. Plenty of future expenditures are expected.

Do you know how much you can save with Smokebot’s electronic cigarettes Grand Rapids? If you smoke about a pack a day and a pack costs you around .50 to , you’ll going to save around 0 a month. The cartridges only cost for 5 of them. When you figure the numbers on that, it costs you .40 for one of our cartridges which last about 1 ½ pack of cigarettes. The savings can be a little bit conservative or probably be bigger than that. These savings can still be used to some other worthwhile things in life.

Just think of the savings of money and time. Time saving in the sense that Smokebot’s electronic cigarettes Grand Rapids is handy and easy to use. No more lighters needed, no mess, no hassles. You can have it everywhere, use it everywhere, and whenever you wish doing it. It is so convenient in our hassle, hurried, and fast paced-life. One can enjoy every “smoking” moment with Smokebot’s electronic cigarettes Grand Rapids and be satisfied. You can still spend your quality time getting out with your family having fun with them. Camping out on weekends, having dinner with friends and a lot more to spend your time and money with your love ones and other worthwhile things in life is what you can do in Smokebot’s electronic cigarettes Grand Rapids.