Sunday, February 13, 2011

Njoy Electronic Cigarettes

In the battle to help smokers find a way to quit the habit for good, a number of treatment methods and procedures with varying degrees of effectiveness have been introduced throughout the years. By all indications, it would seem that one of the most effective of these methods would be a quit smoking pill. Njoy Electronic Cigarette Npro Starter Kit

There are a great many quit smoking pill remedies available on the market today and what makes them such an attractive option for many smokers is the sheer ease and convenience of their use. Typically, a would be quitter will only have to take one quit smoking pill a day and virtually all of their cravings for a nicotine fix would be effectively stifled for the rest of the day-well, that’s the idea at least. The fact of the matter though is that even these methods vary widely in effectiveness. Some of them will provide only moderate relief, with the craving for a smoke overriding the initial effects of the quit smoking pill, while others would function pretty much as a placebo, giving the user no appreciable benefits at all.

The quit smoking pills that do work, typically use a combination of substances that effectively mimic the effects that smoking has on the nicotine receptors in the brain. This results in the brain being fooled into thinking that it is receiving the accustomed dose of nicotine, but without the harmful effects associated with smoking. Of course the end goal is that the user will gradually lose the psychological addiction to the smoking process, until he or she is finally able to stop taking the quit smoking pill as well. Njoy Electronic Cigarette Npro Starter Kit