Sunday, August 30, 2009

Health Related Recent Articles

Being the headline of most of the recent health related articles, Swine flu has created a havoc in many people of our country. The mild swine flu outbreak was reported as very quickly spreading disease in many countries. Many media websites and newspapers created a hype about swine flu and more people were psychologically disturbed that being physically disturbed by the swine flu itself. The World Health organization added a very scary note in many recent health related articles. The scary note was about 2 billion people catching swine flu if the disease turns into a global epidemic. Shutting down of schools, staying at home doing nothing, delaying ceremonies etc are quite common practices after the media has created hype about swine flu and its threats. Many health kids who can easily go to school and attend classes easily are subjected to stay at home for no reason. The number of suspected swine flu cases was reported to be 2,300 so far in 24 countries. The flu was given the level 5 which is 2nd highest level of epidemic diseases by WHO. Now the situation is under control and people have started getting back to their normal routines.