Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kroger Generic Drug List

Generic Drugs are the non-proprietary drugs which are manufactured and sold by many pharmaceutical companies with their generic names. Every drug, when manufactured, is given a unique chemical, generic, and brand name. Among the three names, the brand name is suggested by the manufacturer and is often patented meaning the name becomes a registered trademark. Apart form the brand name, the drugs formula is also patent by the manufacturer of the drug and other companies are not allowed to produce drugs with the same formula. Once the drug becomes off-patent, other pharmaceutical companies also get the permission to manufacture and market the drug. Off-patent drugs are often known as non-proprietary drugs and cost less than their brand-name versions. Generic drugs are chemically equivalent to their branded counter parts and functions as good as the branded ones. Since, generic versions are manufactured by many companies the market completion becomes tough. To beat the market competition, the pharmaceuticals lowers the prices of generic drugs helping the consumer to cut their health care expenses. Low- priced drugs such as generic drugs reduces the cost of medication significantly. Keeping in view these multiple benefits which come with generic drugs, the high demand of generic drugs among the consumers is quite understandable. Seeing the ever-increasing trend of buying generic drugs, many leading grocery stores have started discounted Generic Drug Programs to draw the consumers towards their store premises.