Friday, August 28, 2009

Travel Compression Socks

HJ Hall manufactures Softop TM travel socks are the most popular travel socks for men. These socks contract vertically and provide comfort to the feet, leasding to have feet without any marks on them. You cannot wear any size socks. It depends upon the size of your shoe. Compression socks for men travel should be made comfortable and best fit the foot so that the risk of DVT and fatigue could be avoided. There are different designs for men and women. Usually men prefer dark and dull colors along with stripes on the top of the socks. Women like funky and bold colors with floral or cartoonish designs on the socks. The material is common in both the cases. Compression socks are generally made from both nylon and spandex and they stretch up to the knee. It is very important to see whether these compression travel socks for men are comfortable or not. For example if you travel from USA to Thailand, you will need the best Thailand travel guide to accompany you but for your personal comfort, you may need to explore some other websites that can calculate distances for you. Travel distance calculators will help you knowing how much distance you will travel and you can choose you compression socks according to travel requirements.